Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Country Club at the Highlands First Newletter

I recently started my new job at The Country Club at the Highlands in Chesterfield. I had worked with my boss at my previous job at Richmond Country Club since 2008, so we have known each other for a while. He really helped me out with employing me with my new job, so I returned the favor of making him a newsletter for CCH. It was actually my idea, because this club did not already have one, so I had some freedom over what I could do. I did do the first one as a favor (though I did get a free dinner out of it), but I will be compensated for the next one. I did do some of the photography in there, though for the golf course images were already taken by a professional. I took my boss's photo, the chef's photo, the desert, the couple with the blonde hair and the couple with the teal shirt, I set up a photo shoot for the wine image, and I took the Sunday Brunch photo, and these were taken while multitasking serving (I just whipped out my camera and asked to take a photo). The only photo I took the time to set up was the wine photo. My boss took the other photos of the patrons and food with his camera phone, and I made the levels and colors better in Photoshop with them.

So, this was kind of a rush job, so it's not as polished as it should be, but it had to be rushed out to meet the March deadline and I didn't know I would really be doing the March issue till three days before it was to be sent out. I intentially made parts sans serif (because that's not something you really see in Country Club writing) and other things really cursive (because that's what you do regularly see in Country Club lingo). Next time, I'm going to make things a bit more organized and straighter and more grid like when it comes to the This Week and Next Week sections. Overall, for the really short time I had to do this, I'm pleased, though I would LOVE some critique to make the April Newsletter better.

I'm going to work on my photography more and actually setting up better photo shoots, and now that I have a studio, I don't have to set things up in my cramped bedroom.