Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Did this one for my summer class.

Did this self portrait for my figure drawing class I took during the summer. The picture is really blurry because of my camera, I should really invest in a new one.


Ms. Sandy said...

this is BEAUTIFUL! post up more stuff!<3333

SalamunicArt said...

Hey Ally,
great to see you've been busy in your sketchbook. Definitely improving from page to page. If I had to crit anything, I'd say cut back on the hatching in some of those line drawings. It seems to be just fine when you do it in the hair and such...but when you apply it to areas where you are suggesting shadows, it seems to stiffen up the otherwise very lively drawing. Also, it might help to get one of those Liquid pens, such as the Pilot Precise V5 since they flow "very" nicely on the moleskine paper and don't bleed at all...not only that, but they last forever and are very cheap :)
The self portrait is pretty nice, but the only thing that looks awkward is your knees in the foreground which seem to be detached for some reason (lens distortion of photo reference?)..other than that..great post!! Keep crankin'


Daniel Wood said...

this is pretty awesome