Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jill of the Jungle

For my Projects in Illustration class, we picked a video game and did whatever we wanted with it, so I did concept art. I chose an old DOS game called Jill of the Jungle. Basically, it's a blond babe fighting her way through a jungle. The game had no story whatsoever, so I wrote a story and made other characters from there. This is the main character Jill. I made her more tribal like than from her original design of a green bathing suit and combat boots, this one seems more logical. That, and in the story, I made it so that she could keep her blond hair by having a tribal mother and western scientist dad.

Anyway, I'm redoing as many projects as I can for this class, but if I can't get to them all, I won't be too sad not to redo this one even though there are many things I can do to improve this.


Super Scientist said...

Oh hey Jill, sup guuuuurl

Daniel Wood said...

You drew a scantly clad jungle babe, Awesome