Thursday, February 18, 2010

So Much To Do

Just some quick things. I've been really busy just trying to make ends meet. I am doing some design work for the country club where I work, and I've got a lot of other things keeping me busy, but I don't want to say much until I actually have something to show. They include a painting going to be hung in a restaurant and a comic I'm collaborating on with a friend.

I've been rereading Art and Fear, it's always a very comforting and supporting read about art careers. I'm also reading Art Theory: An Historical Introduction, I decided I need more art theory in my life, so far it's a little boring, like reading a text book...

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Daniel Wood said...

Yay, updates!!!! Keep it up.

Congratulations on the art jobs with the country club. I have a simple request. Well, its more of a demand. Since your graphics job is for The Country Club at the Highlands, you need to incorporate as many Highlander related images as possible.