Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More Figures?!?!

I love figure drawing, but I've reached my limit for a time...I crammed a month's worth of work into a little over a week. I had some oil paint left over from making swatches, it's a sad sight to let oil paint go to waste. So the oil ones are from life, and they are either 10, 15, and 20 minutes long, and the top nupastel one is from a photo, and it's 20 minutes long.


Evan Norman said...

Mad props for doing some figures from life... in oil. Very cool. AND!!! I really like that top figure. My favorite of all the ones I have seen by you. You have fixed pretty much every problem you had at the beginning of class.

Keep it up. Are you staying in TAD next semester?

Eric Quigley said...

Wow Ally. Remember that painting you did of the guy with the tea-cup. That wasn't THAT long ago, and you've really REALLY surpassed what you knew then.

Keep killing it, killer!

pablo something said...

hey i really like that first drawing the lines and smudges are great, post more drawing. :)