Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gotta Lose Those Edges!!

Playing with my new intuos 4. I love it! Another attempt at a vignette, I still don't know if I understand it well. Now that I look at it, her arm is darker than it should be, and the face could be rendered more, but it's kind of at an awkward tilt. I always miss these details when I'm done but catch them about an hour later.


Rendez said...

looking great Ally! You really described the light and form well on this one.

Eric Quigley said...

Yeah, this is looking really good. Keep at it!

Charles Valsechi III said...

Nice! Looking good Ally :D I miss you and Colin too! I hope we can all meet up again this summer.

All is well so far I have some more things to post over the next few days. Keep making art!


Pieter Wessels said...

That looks amazing Ally! You've definitely shown a lot of progress. Like Rendez mentioned, great job on the light and form

Felipe Duarte said...

Yeah, makes my stomach tingle, Vuillard.

I miss all of you too... but, strangely, I feel I`m living it more intensely now... always looking at my notes and thinking of everything.

academy worked in me as a time bomb!