Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nupastels - 15 minutes.

I feel like I've lost the wind in my sails a bit, I have so much personal stuff going on it's hard to concentrate on anything. I need to focus and keep my life and career in perspective...having perspective is so hard...and letting go of ego too...I never thought I had such an ego until The Academy, and I still have it, though I'm letting it go piece by painful piece, and now it's starting to feel good, I can see progress and the long, long, oh my gosh such a long journey ahead. Though this piece is too chalky!! :)


Rendez said...

keep your head up, your figure drawings are really coming along

Evan Norman said...
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Evan Norman said...

This has been a tough couple of months. it's been hard doing classwork when it feels like i'm falling further and further behind everyday. I'm sure you are in a similar situation with everything. It's not just school, or just personal, or just family. It's everything coming together to make a monumental day... followed by another day, followed by another. I know that wasn't very cheerful but by being strong and not letting go, you CAN... get through this. You are not alone. You can call me or email me anytime.
p.s. I didn't see an ego. You were always humble around me.


Brinkman said...

Ally, I can sympathize with your struggle as well. It's hard to be around a bunch of great artists every day and not get discouraged....I certainly have my down days! Don't be discouraged, though! Over the last 2 months, you've grown immensely and TAD needs the positive energy you bring to class.

I'm particularly impressed by your progress in figure class; your proportions have gotten worlds better and you always make expressive figures. :)